May 13, 2011

Chapter Thirteen

Songs I rocked to write:
'Memorial' by Explosions in the Sky


My eyes land immediately on his feet.

On his chucks.

It's almost comical that this is what I find myself stuck on.

Why is he wearing them?

Why aren't they shiny and black and expensive looking?

Or why isn't he barefoot?

I'm borderline angry.

At shoes.

He searches for his words with frustration, shaking his head back and forth slightly.
"Isabella...don' don't..."

His words trail off and I hear him exhale deeply through his nose, as if to calm himself.

When he speaks again, he sounds less frustrated.

"I'm sorry to show up like this. This way."

He frowns down at the porch as he speaks, but looks up at me when he's finished.

My left side is leaning against the edge of the door. I'm not sure what he expects me to say.

So I say nothing.

I'm still trying to handle him being here at all.

"Do you mind if I come in? I just..there are...things that I wanted to say. To you."

I ignore the nervousness that saturates his voice. I don't recognize it.

Not from him.

And do I mind?
Of course I mind.

I don't want him here.

I don't want him here with his casual clothes and his messy hair.

I don't want to have to acknowledge the differences about him. How they're screaming out at me.

I don't want to have to acknowledge the similarities about him. How there hardly are any.

I don't want my long dormant curiosity about him resurrecting itself.

Wordlessly, I step aside and wait until he passes through the doorway...still avoiding looking him in the eye.

I don't know why.

Morbid curiosity perhaps?

In any event, I'm impressed with myself for still being upright. I wonder if it appears as composure to him.

He keeps his distance from me as he steps inside and I softly close the door behind him.

It feels like the slightest noise could puncture the atmosphere.

Seeing him here, in my what my life is now, is surreal. To have him transplanted from the past and dropped into the present is beyond strange.

He has his hands in the front pockets of his jeans and I watch the back of his head as he gives my home a casual perusal.

Funny. I'm completely unfamiliar with this view of him.

It was always my back to his front...

Stop, Bella.

The wide neck of his thermal shirt sits just low enough in the back that I catch a small glimpse of black ink.

I realize the death grip I have on my wallet and set it down on the table by the door.

Money. On a table. Near the door.

My mind makes the connection with ease, the image of a white envelope flashing behind my eyes.

When I turn back to face him, he's turning as well.

I feel cheated out of a proper reaction.

I had no warning. No preparation.

I feel put on the spot. Under scrutiny.

What does he want from me?

"Isabella, can you please look at me?" He speaks calmly, but with authority.

And it pisses me off.

I'm not sure if there was actual audacity, or if it was imagined on my part.

I may very well be overreacting, but it can hardly be helped.

The last several minutes perform a replay in my mind.

Eyes down, Bella?


Fuck. That.

I raise mine and challenge his in an instant. And I really hope it comes off as confident.

Because I feel like I might vomit.

All over the fucking Chucks.

I suddenly feel a wave of defensiveness crash over me. I don't want to show him weakness. I don't want to submit as much as an ounce of compliance to him.

I think he's had just about enough if that from me.

For a handful of moments, neither of us speak.

Just stare.

I swear I can feel my heart tapping on my rib cage.

His face is...beautiful.

And I want to reach up and smack myself across the face. I briefly consider actually doing it. Maybe if he thinks I'm crazy, he'll leave faster.

He's looking at me intently...searching my face it seems.

Looking me over.

I wish he'd stop it.

"What do you want?"

And when I speak, the anger I bite out at him with is actual, not imagined.

It doesn't completely smother out the intimidation that he carries with him, though.

Like a cloak, it drapes itself on my shoulders and weighs down my mind and body.

It's been so long since I've felt this particular brand of nerves. The one that only this man seemed to ever have brought out in me.

I can't get a handle on myself. So many many feelings bombard me all at once.

This isn't fair.

I don't know how I'm supposed to feel.

I don't want to deal with this.

I don't want him here.

I can't think straight when he's looking at me how he is.

His face is all wrong.

His eyes...they're all wrong.

To be standing here, actually maintaining eye contact with him, is overwhelming me.

All of his trademarks are gone.

I realize that without anger...without disdain...without a cocky smirk or a disgusted glare...

I don't recognize him at all.

"I, uh..." More back of the neck rubbing. I find it ironic that he breaks eye contact first. When his gaze falls to the floor, I see his jaw clench.

He seems irritated.

It's the first glimpse of the Edward I remember.

The familiarity that it represents registers immediately. I'm at once wary and...relieved? Seeing even a fraction of the old him is strangely abating to my nerves.

I just...stare. I don't know what else to do. I suppose in another lifetime...under different circumstances, I might have had mercy on him. I might have put him out of his misery...took the pressure off.

Maybe offered up some small talk...

Please, have a seat.

Can I get you something to drink?

How have you been?

How is your family?

The intrigue I feel about the words he's yet to speak dominates the entirety of my consideration, leaving no room for anything else.

The ball is in his court.

So I wait. And watch him. It's surreal to be able to and at his request, no less.

Shifting eyes.

A swallowing throat.

A hand attacking hair. Tugging. Pulling.

Steeling himself.

And then he's looking at me again. And speaking. All irritation erased.

Or maybe...overcome?

"Isabella, I owe you an apology."

I narrow my eyes at him, trying to get a read on what is happening here.


"What happened...what we did...what I did..." He stops and looks down at his feet, shaking his head.

His hands are jammed into the pocket of his jeans and for a moment, he looks angry.

He looks up at me then, eyes blazing.

When he starts talking again, it's with more force to his voice.

"It was wrong. I was wrong. There were...are...reasons. For who I was then. I didn't-"

He cuts himself off. Rubbing his forehead, he exhales a heavy breath. He's struggling to get the words out. They're coming choppy and rushed. He's nearly babbling.

I stay absolutely still...and silent, regarding him warily as he continues. He shifts on his feet and scrubs one hand over his face, the other never leaving his pocket.

Whatever he may have been about to say, he's changed his mind.

"Look, I just wanted to come here and do the right thing. To apologize. It shouldn't have happened, so..."

He trails off and stares at me.

Throughout his entire speech, he's seemed to have struggled with more than just the words. It's like he's controlling himself.

And then I put my finger on it.

He's reigning himself in. The anger...the malice...the harshness that were always a constant to me.

They're what's missing.

They're what he's reigning in.

What he's controlling.

Fighting off.

He's still regarding me, looking somewhat expectant. And beyond uncomfortable.

You and me both, buddy.

I find myself in the hot seat, doing a little foot shuffling and throat clearing of my own. I fold my arms across my chest and hate that I can't just close my eyes and make him disappear.

"I, um...I appreciate that. Thank you." I begin with my eyes on his, and end looking at the floor.

I can't believe this is happening . That he's here. In my house.

That I'm having a normal conversation. With Edward Cullen.

Granted, he's apologizing for a period of time when he angrily used me as a living sex doll, but it still counts as normal in comparison to our past conversations.

Or lack thereof.

"Yeah." He nods and runs a hand through his hair.

Had he always done that? I don't remember it.

When he speaks again, I'm very glad about my position in front of the door because the surge of anger I feel rocks me.

"Are you okay, Isabe-"


My eyes clench shut and I shake my head.

"Look, you said what you came to say. Let's not do this whole 'done you wrong' thing, okay? It is what it is. I'm not hung up on what happened. You shouldn't be either. It's no big deal."

I don't want any part of whatever it is he's pitching.

I don't want his pity.

Why the fuck can't he leave it alone?

I shrug with nonchalance.

And I know it's a low blow before I even say it.

"We both got what we wanted, right?"

His face, which had worn a careful expression, morphs at my words.

His jaw clenches again and I almost miss how he cringes slightly. But then I see anger there. Again.

I don't recognize me.

This bitch I'm being.

Even more reason for him to go.

I open the front door, keeping my hand wrapped around the knob and my eyes anywhere but on him.

He nods and walks toward the door. To do so, he has to pass me. And when he does, he pauses and turns his head toward me.

There's only a couple of feet between us.

Too close for comfort, but I look up at him anyways.

His eyes are clouded with intent. He's conjuring his words.

And when he finds them, they're careful.

And sharp with conviction.

"It is a big deal, Isabella."

My eyes dart back and forth between his, and he does the same.

He isn't angry. But there's a defensiveness lacing his tone of voice.

I break the stare first...looking out onto the porch...beyond ready for him to be gone.

For the bombardment of uninvited emotions and memories to follow behind him.

I don't want reminders.

They're a waste of time.

I'm. Not. That. Girl. Anymore.

"Goodbye, Edward."

I want to lean over and spit his name out of my mouth as soon as I say it. It feels peculiar there.

He stares at the side of my face for several seconds before walking out the door and down the porch steps.

I close and lock the door behind him, pressing my back to it and breathing much harder than I need to be.

And when my takeout is finally delivered, I place it straight in the refrigerator. I fold the throw and replace it on the back of the couch, turn off the TV and make my way to my window seat.

I spend the rest of the evening staring at the stars and hating things that I can't forget.

But doubling my efforts to do so.



They don't pass as they always have.

It's small things at first, like forgetting to pick up my dry cleaning on Monday.

On Tuesday, I fake my way through my opinion on the prior thirty minute discussion during the weekly staff meeting. I hadn't heard a word of it.

Wednesday morning's client appointment was the worst I'd had since my first week on the job. I'd misplaced her wedding portfolio and called her by the wrong name. I'd only barely salvaged the account by bullshitting my way through the 'grand vision' I had of her special day.

Thursday found me in the break room of Windsor Events...chugging down a highly caffeinated cup of the sludge that was passing for coffee, trying to recuperate from a near sleepless night.

Friday capped the work week off nicely when I discovered that I'd forgotten to order the six fresh flower bouquet samples for one of our biggest wedding accounts. I'd avoided Kate's wrath by the time five o'clock came around, but knew better than to think it wasn't coming.

Saturday was the worst day yet.

With work to pass the time, I decided to do my grocery shopping instead, only to be home with said groceries packed away within two hours.

And it was so fucking quiet in the house.

I'd plugged my iPod into the speaker dock and played it on shuffle for hours while I poked around the house for things to sidetrack me from my thoughts.

My unwelcome, overbearing, no ending, Edward Cullen-induced thoughts.

It wasn't enough that he'd infiltrated my sanity once in a lifetime.

I was angry at him.

Angry at me.

Angry at him for making me feel angry at me.

I was spending every day running and avoiding and fucking everything up along the way.

My lack of sleep does nothing for the situation. I'm tired. And moody. And so ready to snap.

Even my morning runs, which were usually my refuge, had been tainted with all of the things that were getting really old, really fast.

I decided to lie down and take a nap. At least in sleep I can forget, right?

I'd showered after my run and didn't bother with anything other than a tank top and panties as I slid into bed.

The week catches up to me not much longer after my head hits the pillow. It's the first taste of mercy my mind gives me all week.

The burn is the first thing I feel.

Running down the line of my spine and radiating outward into every limb...

Every joint...

Every cell in my body...

Every bone.

I'm lying down somewhere. A bed?

Body versus mind.

My skin pulses hot and cold as they fight.

Fire and ice.

They war in the way they used long ago...

Need and revulsion.

Reckless and reasonable.

Want and disgust.

They reclaim their adversarial positions with ease, undeterred by time.

And I writhe in it.

Caught in the warpath, yet unfettered by the conflict.

Knowing which side of the line I fall on.

And then......then it all manifests, merging together and taking shape.


His voice.

"Did you miss me, Isabella?"

At the sound of it, and free of my consent, my body arches into the air.

My arms rest limply at my sides as my head lolls back.

The heat of his breath scorches my throat, stretched taut before him.

All I can feel is this.


My body trembles, lying at the feet of anticipation....completely at its mercy.

And his.

"You don't even know how to fight it, do you?"

His voice seduces my free will...mocking it, taunting it.
Dismissing it.

He doesn't lay a finger on me.

Not a single inch of him meets any part of me.

And yet, his hold on me is arresting.

"Isabella...let me in."

I feel my heels on the backs of my thighs as I submit, parting to allow him access.

Without a word.

Without a fight.

And the ferocity with which he drives himself inside me lifts my body off of the bed... and shatters me.

I scream out.

The pain is stinging.

The pleasure is agonizing.

Completely at his will, my body relinquishes.

He sinks into me.

Over and over and over again.

Hard and fast.

Far too much.

Not nearly enough.

And he's ruthless.

Just as I'd remembered.

Just as I'd fought to forget.

Authoritative...even when silent

His body seizes control over mine and bends it to his will.

"Do you feel that, Isabella? You fucking love it. Is this why? Huh?"

I still can't see him...can't see anything...lost in the rapture.

I can only feel...and yearn.

As much as I shouldn't want it, I can't resist the draw.

It beckons.

I report.

"Was it my face you saw when he touched you? My cock you craved when you spread your thighs for him? Is that why you couldn't fuck him, Isabella?"

I startle when his hand closes around my throat, squeezing just hard enough to make me work to breathe.

"That's it, isn't it? He didn't know..."

He doubles his pace inside me.

I thrash and choke on my scream.

"...he didn't know how to fuck you. How that uptight little pussy needs to be worked."

A searing pain shoots through my breast as his thumb and index finger clamp down and twist my nipple without mercy.

"But it's okay..."

Suddenly...everything stops.

All movement...all sensation as my body is released and falls back onto the bed.
Complete silence.

It's deafening.

The last thing I hear is a whisper. An echo in my ear.

It's eerie...a subtle threat.

"...because I'm here now, Isabella."

My eyes fly open and I clutch a hand to my chest as I try, in vain, to slow my heart beat.

My breathing is loud and shallow, piercing through the silence of the room...the house.

It felt so real.

Twin feelings of arousal and shame burn through me when I realize that my other hand is tucked into my fingers resting hot and slick upon myself.

Cheeks burning, I pull my hand out and head for the shower, hoping to wash it all away.

Knowing it won't be that easy.


When Sunday dawns, my morning run is wrought with dissatisfaction.


Hard as I try, I can't reclaim the serenity they once held for me.

I can't clear my mind and concentrate on the pounding of my feet on the pavement.

Or the rush of adrenaline that courses through me when I hit my stride, breezing through the quiet streets.

I'd moved to Wallingford, a neighborhood in northern Seattle, three years ago. I'd been working for Kate for almost two and had managed to save up enough to move out of the cracker box apartment I'd been in since graduating. And when I did, I knew I didn't want to live in the city. At least not in the heart of it. My house was the second I'd looked at, and decently priced for the area. So I signed on the dotted line and never looked back.

Well, until now that is.

I could blame it all on Edward, but I know it started before him. I've felt it creeping up on me for months now.

But he's not exactly helping matters, either.

That hollow feeling. I can't explain it. And I can't shake it. I dread the questions and doubt it triggers inside of me.

So I do the only thing I can.

I push it down.

The dream from yesterday is at the forefront of my mind. It doesn't succumb to my attempt at dismissal, settling itself in my line of focus and refusing to budge.

It'd been the first time I'd dreamt of Edward Cullen.

His taunting words run on a loop in my mind...

'Is that why you couldn't fuck him, Isabella?'

I push myself harder, increasing my speed as I round the edge of the lake.

It was over a year ago.

A company Christmas party. The first, and last, I attended. I should never have gone. It had been a particularly difficult week at work for me and I'd spoken to Renee that afternoon. I was worn down from that alone, but reluctantly let Kate talk me into showing up. It was crowded and loud and Renee's words were still reverberating in my ears. No matter how hard I'd tried, I never got anywhere with her. I never could.

I was feeling frustrated. In more ways than one. It'd been so long since I'd had any kind of...release. And it didn't look like it was changing any time soon.

He was some friend of a friend who'd been invited to the office party.

I usually never drink, but that night, I'd made an exception. I was on my third glass of wine when he approached me. Average height, average build, average face. Average Joe. Nothing notable. Nothing exceptional.

I don't even remember his name.

A few lame attempts at small talk, some one-sided flirting on his part and two increased blood alcohol levels later found me in a darkened conference room, perched on the edge of the table with my panties around my ankle.

I remember thinking that if I could just turn everything off I had with...him. , then maybe it would make things better. Make me forget. Like it had before.

I remember dodging his mouth when he tried to kiss me.

I remember his hands roaming over my skin...too softly.

I remember wishing he'd just bend me over and fuck me already.

Pull my hair.

Slap my ass.

I was sober in seconds, praying I hadn't said my thoughts out loud. I mumbled out an apology and ran as fast as I could. And I'd left him there, nothing more accomplished than some heavy petting.

To this day, I don't know what the hell I was thinking. How the hell I ended up in that room with a complete stranger. I still can't think of it without my face heating and becoming nauseous. Or acknowledging that it hadn't been the first time I'd put myself in a similar situation. I continue my run, long past keeping track of how many miles it's been, lost in my head.

Until about an hour later when I round the corner onto my street and spot an unfamiliar car in my driveway.

And the driver of said car...on my porch. Again.

I slow to a jog and make my way to the front yard, taking him in. He's wearing jeans again, this time with a black hoodie. His back is to me as he faces the front door, his hands on his hips. Just as I stop at the bottom of the stairs, he raises his hand and rings the doorbell. He must not have been here long.


He spins around, startled.

"Isabella. I rang the bell, but..."

He trails off and I'm confused about why. For about two seconds. That's about how long it takes for his eyes to drop from my face and run the line of my body. All the way down and back up again. He runs a hand through his hair and clears his throat, looking down at the porch.

Was he...did he just...?

And then I remember what I'm wearing. My running clothes. Black spandex shorts and red racerback tank top. I'm sweating like a pig, my hair sticking to my temples and my breathing still rapid.

"I...rang the bell, but obviously, you're not here. Or you are. Here. Now."

He pinches the bridge of his nose and looks away from me again.

"Um, yeah. I am. What are you doing here, Edward?"

Why in the world would he come back?

"The last time I was here was...disastrous."

I open my mouth to tell him that he's wasting his time, but he speaks over me.

"You made yourself clear last week, I know. But I didn't. It didn't come out right. It shouldn't have gone the way it did. I owe you more of an explanation. I owe you a better apology than that."

I cross my arms over my chest and consider what he's saying.

Do I really want to hear this?

Do I care?

What could he possibly say that would change anything?

He's looking at me. Patiently. Expectantly. He seems less frustrated this time. Still nervous and unbelievably altered from who he was once upon a time, but...calmer.

It couldn't hurt anything? Right? Besides, I need to try to relieve him of whatever sense of duty he feels he has to make everything all better. It's a waste of both of our time. I'll just tell him that he can't come here anymore. That I absolve him of whatever guilt he might feel. Whatever obligation he feels to make amends.

I look him square in the eyes and narrow mine.

"Ten minutes."

I walk past him toward the front door and bend over, pulling my house key from my shoe and straightening back up. I can feel his eyes on me from behind. He's quiet, presumably waiting for me to open the door, but I can feel his gaze on the back of my head.

Or on my ass.

Once inside, I close the door behind him and gesture silently for him to follow me. I walk through the small dining room that connects the living room to the kitchen. He quietly follows behind me. I head straight for the refrigerator and pull out a bottle of water, snapping the cap off and downing half of it before I remember myself. And my company.

Lowering the bottle, I reluctantly look up at him and point to it, asking without words if he wanted one.

"No. Thank you. I'm fine."

I nod and replace the cap back on my bottle, setting it on the granite top island between us.

Silences ensues as I tuck a strand of hair behind my ear and cross my arms over my chest. I look up at him and he's resting one hand on top of the island, the other in his pocket.

I decide to put us both out of our misery. This is painfully awkward and all I want to do is get this over with so he can leave and I can take a hot shower.

"Look, Edward, this really is-"

"You look good-"

I'm sure I look as stunned at his words as I'm feeling.


He runs his hand through his hair...again. I'm actually surprised he has as much of it as he does, considering how much he worries it. His eyes dart nervously around the room before coming back to mine.

"I just look...well, Isabella. Have you been? Well?"

He coats his question in hesitance, no doubt because of the way I shut him down last week. I can't help but stare back at him for several seconds, trying to figure out his game.

As hard as I try to block it out, his voice from my dream invades my memory and distorts the what I see when I look at him. Instead of the trace of anxiety on his face and his relaxed body language, all I can see is the arrogant asshole. The cocky son of a bitch that my mind knows.

And it's him that I'm talking to now. Not the struggling, repentant man standing in my kitchen.

The words are out before I think them through, but I don't care. I'm tired of analyzing all of...this in my head.

"What are you doing here, Edward? Really? I mean, what's the point? You said your peace last week. And I said mine. I don't get why you're back. I don't have any interest in talking to you. In having anything to do with someone like you."

I can tell that I've taken him off guard. His mouth opens to talk, but closes it back. I continue on, before he can try again.

"You don't owe me anything. You didn't then and you don't now. I don't want anything from you. Except for you to drop this."

"Don't you think I tried?! It's been five goddamned years! Five! And...someone like me? You don't know shit about me! I'm trying to do the right thing here."

His composure is shattered now, but I barely notice, because Im not sure I ever even had any.

"There you go again. There is no wrong to right here. I'm fine! Just leave it alone."

"There is a wrong to right! My wrong doing. You don't get to tell me I can't do that. You don't get to take that from me."

My voice raises to match the volume of his.

"And you don't get to shove it down my throat!"

The unintended double meaning of my words isn't lost. On either of us. There's a stutter in the words we're hurling, but he recovers.

"That isn't what I'm trying to do. Why do you have to be so fucking stubborn? All you have to do is sit and listen."

I'm done. I've had enough. So I go for the jugular.

"What pisses you off more, Edward? That I won't hear you out, or that I'm not obeying you like a good little whore?"

Both of his hands are flattened on the top of the island as he leans on it. I hadn't realized until now, but I'd walked forward, my waist pressing into the edge of the counter. We're both breathing heavily, and staring the other down.

His jaw clenches as he pushes himself off of the counter.

"Okay. Fine. You win, Isabella."

He walks backward toward the doorway, pausing as he reaches it, his eyes never leaving mine. I maintain the stare, refusing to back down.

"But tell me...if there's no wrong to right, if you're so fine, then why is it so much easier for you to call yourself my whore than to hear me tell you that you didn't deserve it? That I'm ashamed of myself every day for what I did to you? Why was that easier than just hearing me say 'I'm sorry'?"

I blink back at him, unprepared to hear him say that. Sideswiped by the conviction in his voice. His eyes blaze at me, silently challenging me to deny it.

And I have nothing.

Without another word, he turns on his feet and disappears, the slamming of the front door marking making me jump in place.

What the hell just happened here?


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That anger she's giving to Edward now is just as much, if not more, anger at herself. The way he treated her was so wrong, I've said it all along. But she agreed to it, she submitted every time. And she found that she liked it, needed it even. That's why she couldn't sleep with that random. He wouldn't be giving her what she needed. *Sigh* Nothing at all wrong with rough sex. Unfortunately, I'm afraid Bella's always going to want to associate the feeling of "whore" with it, even if it's what she needs.

Yeah, she's pissed at Edward, but I think only for showing her that about herself. Even if she can't quite bring it to the surface, maybe that's just another thing about herself that affirms for her that she's worthless.

I still don't get exactly what Edward is wanting to accomplish. I mean, I get that he's really wanting to make something right. Though just saying sorry here is woefully inadequate. What's that going to do for Bella? Even if she could sincerely accept it, that would make it ok for Edward to move on maybe, but really, how's that going to make it ok for her? Bella's issues are so deep-rooted. Roughie didn't cause her hollowness, though he may have been the last nail in her emotional coffin.

It's disturbing that Edward has been able to place such a hold over her again, simply by appearing in front of Bella and speaking to her. To apologize. And SNAP, just like that, she's consumed again. How is she going to be able to turn that loose and function again? After all, functining is ALL that she was doing anyway. Existing.

And he came back again. What is he really looking for? I will say that I was glad Edward called her on her bullshit before he walked out. Cause Bella really hasn't ever admitted the problem to herself.

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I am not sure who is angier...
and whatever the pull was before is certainly still there now !
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FunmbiE said...

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BAM! BAM BAM BAM! Thank you for saying this Bella. THANK YOU!
Really and truly I adore your Bella. And I'm fiercely protective of her. And I'm glad that she's protective of herself. No Edward. You don't get to just enter her life from out of nowhere and say what you want...even if it is to apologize. This can't be on Roughward's terms just can't.
I mean, I, as a reader, am ready to know what happens to drive Roughward to the point where he does those things to Bella. But if Bella isn't ready to hear it, then I don't think she should have to.

With that said, I am very worried for Bella. It's more than ok to like things a little rough (so to speak). But the fact that Bella only responds to such callous treatment worries me. She deserves kindness and gentleness and intimacy and love. *SIGH*

It is nice to hear Edward say Bella didn't deserve to be treated like a whore, and that he's sorry and regrets it. But like I say before, he needs to CALM DOWN. This HAS to be on Bella's terms...

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Jennifer said...

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Anyway, I know you won't disappoint for a minute.

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jjwelborn said...

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I can get what Bella is feeling. Sometimes the "bad" stuff is easier to accept then the "good" stuff.

It was interesting that Bella was remembering the white envelope of money. Somethings you just can't shake.

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pamcamcris23's FICtional Life said...

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ELLC said...

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Is it Edward who obviously harboured a great deal of pain and lashed out on Bella. Only to now find a need to apologise for his behaviour with no success. Or do I feel worse for Bella, who has obviously lived a shell of a life and is probably feeling turmoil over her desire to be debased by Edward and her disgust within herself for feeling that desire.

Not sure.

I do know that this story rocks and I can't wait to see where you take this.

TheRainGirl said...

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DebbieCDC said...

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OMG, I'm gonna die till the next update!!! You know you & Roughie own my ass right?

Dolly said...

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NinaFromSweden said...

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This story is getting better and better! Your writing is brilliant Jada.
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Anonymous said...

Well, it was about time he apologized and I'm glad he did. But he couldn't have expected her to let him do it without a fight. The tables are turned now and it is her turn to be in control and decide what she takes from him or not.
Her dream, I should call it a nightmare, was beyond disturbing. When I see that subconsciously she still wants him to debase and humiliate her, just so she can feel something, I realize how horribly what happened between them damaged her.
And I think he is at least starting to realize that too. He remarked very well that she preferred to call herself his whore than to hear that she didn't deserve the way he treated her. He might be shocked when he actually realizes how deeply damaged she is, and that his abuse only deepened her emotional numbness and her feeling of worthlessness, issues that sprang from emotional neglect.
But I'm sure he won't give up that easily, as he seems determined to atone, and also conscious that it will take a lot of work on his part to do it.
P.S. Sorry if I bothered you on twitter, asking when the update will be posted. I keep forgetting there are many others who do the same and it probably becomes nagging.

adonicass said...

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Your characters are writing their own dialog? See if you can get them to fold your laundry, too!

Love your words, bb.


Ketyane said...

OMG! Bella is so broken, with an empty feeling! The years she spent listening to the oppressions of the Charlie scored Bella so deep and the deal with Edward has only further exacerbate this condition, at first she thought she could then forget what happened between her and Edward, who would like nothing had existed, but did not, she cracked even more.

That empty feeling, thinking that something is missing, even though it has managed to grow professionally, improve their conditions, I think it is due to his lack of ties, she has no friends, no family, no one to talk. Kate works with Bella for years, and she still keeps a certain distance, she may be afraid to relate to people, or maybe she does not know how to do this, because all of the experiments where it actually was involved were disastrous, with parents and with Edward, for despite her attempts to deny and sweep "under the rug", it is undeniable that she is emotionally involved with Edward.

Bella has a very weird defense mechanism to deal with their problems, to abstract them, leaving everything in a hidden corner, without addressing them head on, without showing how you really feel, making it difficult to help yourself or be helped .

Who is this Edward!? I liked that he came back to Bella's house to apologize once again wanted to hear what he has to say. I think he is not doing this just to be good about yourself, I think he really cares about Bella, and he knows what evil did to her, he's very perceptive and he knows the Bella's acceptance is a disguise, he realized that , because the way she treated him with angry (yes, he deserves, but I was a little sorry!) and the way she sees herself,because was "easy" to her call herself "good little whore" like Edward called her a years ago. Can I think he watched Bella for all those years? =) I think for him it was not just something sexual, and it seems he still has feelings for Bella, those glances he gave her were very suggestives ...

Do not really know how to resolve this impasse, Bella mulling his anger, his insecurity and fear that this man re-enter your life and devastating her mind like his done in the past and even she suffers the consequences, I know, she has grounds for this, but as this will be? Edward coming back? He knows he has yet to fix what's wrong, he knows that Bella is broken, and something tells me that he watched Bella in the window watching the stars, before deciding to apologize:) I think he'll try once again, somehow their paths will cross again, but it will be difficult to knock down all the walls that exist between them, I think (I want) Edward will help Bella to find a her place, she'll stay comfortable with herself, to forget the ghosts of the past, can create ties and have healthy relationships, show her that she deserves to be loved....... RsrSrs I'm melted =P

I love your story, I love how you surprise us, as you can move the story.

Sorry for any wrong word or phrase without meaning, I'm trying, I would like to express myself better in English, but one day I get there.

Eager for the next chapter, for some answers and the Edward POV!

Jada, thank you!

Michelle said...

Dang it Bella! *WE* want to hear what he has to say!!!
Quite evidently, he has gotten some professional help with his issues (and Bella is certainly in need of some of that herself). Ball's in her court now, I wonder what will be the catalyst to have her confront him?

Thanks for the update!

girly613 said...

Wow!!lots changed in five years Eh?so cannot wait to hear e's story!love it bb.fantastic as always.

natasha said...

Aaaaagh! damn, girl- I am so desperately devouring every word of this story that I've almost gone blind! I think the black screen may contribute (thoughts, anyone?) but I frickin' loooooooove this! Please don't keep us hanging- please. btw not forgetting deep, heartfelt gratitude for the quick chap13 after the joy of such a recent chapter 12!

Luxie said...


I had no internet access yesterday. I will not admit to you what an insane mess I was yesterday- thinking we prolly had an UD and I wasn't able to read it. Oops. ;P

This was actually more than I expected. I'm frustrated w/ Bella. But at least she let him in. Now she just needs to let him IN, kwim?

Can't wait for the next one. You truly blow me away. This, right now is my #1 obsession story.

Thank you for the chapter. I'm salivating at the mere idea for things to progress b/w them.

Sessahhh said...

Gaaaaahhh!!! I thought this chapter wasn't supposed to end in a cliffie. What the hell?! I need more and I'm all out of chapters to read. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!!
Great job with this one. I am completely and totally sucked in. Why is Edward trying to apologize and make amens? Is he in the twelve steps?

SaveMe620 said...
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InfiniteFinity said...

I literally spent my day reading this. At first I wasn't sure if I'd even bother reading more after the prologue, but I was highly intrigued by the peccancy of it all. There was something terribly wrong with both Edward's [obviously] and Bella's characters that I wanted to keep reading more of. Other than strange appeal of the characters you morphed them into, it's your writing that I love. While reading there was a few moments where I actually paid more attention to your writing than the actual story. It's fantastic.
Once I reached this chapter, I was so upset to see that I'd actually have to wait now for the next one. Ugh. Waiting is

Jen said...

I get why Bella just wants him to go away, but I hope she'll hear him out soon.


masenobsessed said...

I don't think Edward has been "pining" away for her all these years. I don't think he had an emotional attachment to her at all during their time together. I think it was all hate driven. I think his reappearance is guilt driven. I think he found out about her abusive past, whatever he found out the night of Alice's wedding made him realize he had taken his hatred out on the wrong person, therefore leading to the tremendous guilt he's been harboring all these years. I can understand the 5 year period. He had alot of demons and anger to work through to become the person he once was. Was he ever really Roughie? I don't think so. At least not the verbally abusive part of it. This Edward is the real Edward. Bella is unexcepting of him I feel because she can't comprehend that someone who abused her is actually telling her she didn't derserve it. It's too engrained in her to believe him. She's more comfortable with "whore" label than to believe she could actually be worthy. She not only received abuse from Edward, but also pleasure, which I'm sure has screwed with her head even more. She's pushing him away because of the abuse, yet she wants him because of the pleasure. It's hard to put this Edward with the old Edward. I think he'll be persistent and help her. And this is when I think the emotional attachment will happen. Of course it's obvious he's sexually attracted to her, but I can definately see him falling in love with her and showing her the respect and compassion she deserves. Bella's a good girl, but when she decided to get paid for sex that just added to her list of unworthiness. She was so desperate to make something of herself, and with her jobs affecting her school work, she made sure nothing stood in the way of her success. I agree with how she handled Edward though. Eyes down? Fuck that. She does have a backbone, she's strong under the surface. Good lord she would have to be. I cried Jada! Excellent!

Raquel said...

This story freakin ownes me!!!!!

I want to know what he has been up to the past five years. What is he atoning for? You are the queen of this mysterious Edward that's fo sho! You're killing me! I totally can understand why Bella bites at him, she is frustrated and has every right to be IMO! After having something like that with Roughie then nothing, that would turn me into a stark raving mad uptight beotch too! Please, please, P-L-E-A-S-E give us a lil sumthn sumthn from EPOV. Throw us a bone!!!!!!!!

You freakin ROCK!

Heather said...

This is definetly one of the BEST stories I've read. You are a fabulous writer!! I am sooooo curious to see if he came to her because he realized that it wasn't just sex and had developed into something more. I hope Bella gives him a dose of his own medicine. Are you planning on writing a chappy in Edward's POV? I hope you update soon.

jesyka_haha said...

This story just keeps getting better and better. Bella is seriously struggling with the feelings that Edward makes her feel. She's wants him and doesn't realize why or how. I hope that Edward gets his chance to explain himself.
I seriously love reading this.
Thanks for sharing.! said...

OMG Jada!!! You are seriously going to give me a heartattack! OMG - Edward! I love him I just freaking love him!
All those manips done by Floren83 I think are fucking fantastic!!! I NOW understand and can totally relate to the "my ovaries exploded" term! Holy f*cking HELL!

Anxiously waiting for chapter 14 - hurry please!
xox twi_yady

k.malik78 said...

Bella needs to get off her fucking soap box. Edward didnt rape her!!!!! They both had orgasms when they had sex so why the heck is she acting like she didnt enjoy it? Sure she didnt enjoy the name calling but in her own words "she took".

Why didnt she walk away after the first meeting? Oh is it just me but her g*d damn condescending high horse attitude is pissinh me off. I might have to call John Cena to give her an attitude adjustment

janm72 said...

I really wanted to hate this story but I can't. So want to know what happened to Edward's life. He told her he would never go after her if she left. Obviously he felt something. Hope she gives the both a chance. She needs to hear as much as he needs to tell.

twifanmom said...

Wow, great story!! I have just found this one and read all 13 chapters today and want more!!!

Can't wait to see the battle in Bella's head after that little tift!

Anonymous said...

Really? Please, please, please tell me you aren't going to leave us hanging for long! Can't wait for the next chapter - you are incredible!

Credorosa said...

I am confused. No word where Edward has been for 5 yrs? He just shows up to apologize and Bella is just as fucked up as ever. It's not like she was forced and she even begin to enjoy it, needed it. She couldn't hear him out, no matter how wrong she thought he was? Something is missing, to much of jump with no bridge. Very confusing.

dary21 said...

Daddy issues much?

maxandmimasmummy said...

I just want to lock these 2 in a room and make Bella listen to Edward and the fuck each other senseless.

PurpleBrina17 said...

OMFG!! they need to just fuck already and talk later. I have a feeling that is what is going to happen no?

ashblog89 said...

'What the hell just happened here?'

IDK Bella thats a good question! FIGURE IT OUT!

Then make Edward fuck you.

Please & Thank you.

Anonymous said...

It is sooo funny to read everyone's thoughts on where you are going with this....


I don't care what they say...

Your thoughts and writing are all that matters....

I freaking LOVE you and this story!!!

Rory said...

That was very intense, I was feeling so overwhelmed and angry - Bella's frustration rubbing off on me - like I couldn't take it anymore. What a horrible situation when someone else has so much emotional power over you and they are so destructive to your fragile hold on your integrity and your feelings of self worth... but still you crave him anyway even though he is bad for you in every conceivable way.

I think she would feel better if she got the anger off her chest by telling him how what he did to her... what she allowed him to do to her, effected her... the shame and the guilt she feels for feeling like she did not deserve to be treated any better and for enjoying it at least physically as her self-esteen went through the window. He made her feel like a piece of garbage, like nothing just like how her father and mother make her feel. She is too scared to be around him long enough to hear his side of the story because she does not want to be vulnerable to him again. She doesn't trust herself to be strong around enough to resist him. She would benefit from hearing what he had to say... even if she would have a hard time believing him because she doesn't feel like she deserves to be treated any better. Boy does she ever need therapy big time. I hope he doesn't give up on trying to appologise to her, because if he has changed and is a good guy now and really has a good excuse for how he treated her before, she could benefit from hearing that from him. Great update... so impactful.

so said...

So happy he's back...

I just got the update alert for the fandom/tsunami outtake... I'm in bb!!! I fwd my receipt and I'm ready for more*
Kudos to you on your marketing skills ;)


preciousfairymom80 said...

I know, I know. I'm sorry for being so late in reading. I was hoping you would get another chapter out before I broke down and read this one. I like to do that sometimes.
So Eddie wants to say I'm sorry and Bella is being defensive. Can't say as I blame her. I wanna know why it took him five years to do it? UGGGHHH This story has got me all messed up! Looking forward to the next chapter.

pattinsonrathbonelover said...

Chapter 13 leaves me begging for more! And yes you all are right Edward has been thinking about Bella alot over 5 years. Can't forget about Bella either she cant be with another man except Edward and do you blame her!! OMG its Edward!!!!! Pant Pant Pant "Thud"

Anonymous said...

I am fascinated by this story! Read the whole thing in one sitting. Can't wait to see where you are taking this!

isleesme1 said...

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turquoise1581 said...

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orion said...

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fran.richards50 said...

OMFG! He's gotta come back- third time lucky! What has he been doing the last five years to go from where he was to where he is now? As much as Bella denies it, she hasn't 'moved past it', think of it as group therapy but with just her and Edward!! PLEASE PLEASE update soon!

Ironic Twist said...

Bella doesn't come across as a natural submissive. It's more like she's looking for abuse. Which is a problem.

~Elli~Iris~ said...

Ch 13
"Isabella, I owe you an apology." Well that’s an understatement! What is this? Making amends? Is he is a fucking step program? Therapy? What will be the excuse? Did he have a substance abuse problem? Anger? (well duh!) He is fighting off the need to control and dominate. He leaves and she wants him gone. She is rattled. She dreams again. Who is “he”? She turned down a relationship because she has developed a need to be dominated?
OMG he is back…and checking her out…sweaty running outfit. OK a better apology. He isw trying. She is trying to be strong. To shut him out. To make hime think he had not broken her. But he did. He has changed. She has accomplished things but hasn’t changed? It is still easier for her to expect the worst. Progress for him…now what about her? She should tell him, “no I’m not fine. I can’t sleep. Seeing you again makes me forget myself…” Iris~Elli

luvnrob said...

Damn Im still confused!!! Lol..hopefully it will all become clear!

sarah said...

So much I loved - 

All the reasons she doesn't want to let him in, and then how "wordlessly", she does.

And she wants to slap herself across the face!!

And it's interesting how way back when, when her mind would wander curiously about him, it was about *this* him, the one she didn't know.  And now that this one, this version of him is here, she doesn't know how to be around him.

You are so in tune with this character - like, her flow I guess, is what I'm trying to say, of emotions, one to the next, to the next, stepping back, side stepping, to the next and the next, they all read SO naturally.  Not an ounce if it feels contrived or fictional even.  It's honest.  And I feel for her.  For you.

For him, through her.  And you.

"I want to lean over and spit his name out of my mouth as soon as I say it. It feels peculiar there."

I know everyone is all over E, and don't think I'm not, but I love your Isabella.  I always have, but more and more through every chapter.  She's got fucking heart.  Buried wherever it may be, it's strong.  She's (you are) a sensory master, consistently, and sincere in all of her thoughts and feelings, and instincts.  She's genuine.  Through and through.  And there in a scene where SO many female protagonists (Bellas) are lacking that kind of raw, honest *heart*, yours shines.



And then - oh, oh, and then -

The perfect compliment to the stronghearted girl I love so much:

"They reclaim their adversarial positions with ease, undeterred by time.

And I writhe in it..."

"...His voice seduces my free will...mocking it, taunting it.  Dismissing it."

I know it was just a dream, but i have missed him so, too.

His conviction in her kitchen, doubled it.

I love you,

Heather said...

Miss Bella needs a good release from our Roughie.....she's so confused, as is he. Oh i just love how this is playingout. It's so not a fairytale, it is so real. These are real life emotions of two fucked up people who are damn perfect for eachotherr in a fucked up way! I love your writing style. And i REALLY love the visual of Roughie in the thermal ( with the tattoo showing in the back, gah), jeans and chucks. BEYOND sexy......THUD. No wonder she had naughty dreams of him after that...just sayin'!! Xo

Blondemel47 said...

Fantastic story - stayed up till 5 am to catch up to chapter 14 so enthralled by your story & the characters. So hope he does return to her. They need each other. She has issues, as does he & there are still so many unanswered questions. Looking forward to your next update, hope its soon.

luv4kristen said...

"What pisses you off more, Edward? That I won't hear you out, or that I'm not obeying you like a good little whore?" Go Bella! Loved that she stood up to him, but she's so lonely and still feels inadequate, unaccomplished. She really needs to talk to someone. Edward had no right to demand she listen to him and let him explain, but she is still messed up in her head so she needs to find closure and talking to him will probably help with that. He can't move forward and neither can she. They just need to get together already. LOL. Fabulous chapter! Thank you! Gwen

Blondemel47 said...

Lovely chapter - absolutely loved it. Wondered ages ago if Edwards daughters Mum had taken his daughter maybe off him (poss left him for someone else & moved away) & the letter in his hand at the wedding was either saying she was remarrying poss or moving further away, as it looked like Esme knew. As Edward mentioned "a bitch" when he was "sorting out" Bella. Like all his anger was aimed at the mother of his child. Ah well am glad she is alive cause I'd had my doubts too. Loved that he came to her work place & that he has a dog. Loved too Bella's acceptance of Edwards waiting to run with her. Obviously he feels something for her - she's been on his mind for 5 yrs, even if it was guilt but guessing its more than that plus he's noticed her torment & guess he wants to help, as well as having an attraction for her. She feels an attraction to him too even tho she may not yet admit it to herself. Ohh so looking forward to them helping one another through the darkness & getting it on. Hope you dont keep us waiting too long - loving your style J.

Lulabell75 said...

Awesome! Onward...


PAW'sPeaches said...

i want to crawl inside this story.

i will die die die if she somehow gets him to be roughie again. she desires that part of him.. i hope they can find a happy medium.

good lord roughie.

i love you long time. that is all

RPattzOwnsMe said...

I can't believe after everything, i am feeling so bad for Edward! I just know something horrible happened to him to have fucked him up so badly. Bella needs to get her shit together too- they both need resolution. This story is incredible!

kelly said...

What I find most interesting is Bella's strong reaction to be away from him. Even though emotionally there is still a connection. She still is curious about him and intrigued. I mean how could she not be?! They had a very untraditional experience together.

Bella's issue is that she doesn't want to deal. She has an idea of how things should be and if they go her way then she will be happy. The fact that she feels dissatisfied does not go along with her plan, so she pushes it away. Edward doesn't go with her plan either. Even if he were completely changed, she has written him off. She views him in such a harsh light that I'm not sure she'll ever change her view.

fancastride said...

Glad she told him to leave. His words still hurt.

kneon said...

I have to say Bella has been verbally abused for years by her parents. She isn't use to being hugged and talked nice to. That is why she really didn't mind the things Edward was doing to her, bc that was normal for her.

She should give him a chance though to explain.